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Hello, I am Roan,

I am currently working as a Java Software Development Consultant at group9 of alfa1. I completed my master program in Computer Science & Engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology where I focussed on general software design, algorithms and databases.

My main interest is in computers and everything related to them, especially programming. My favourite programming language is Java, but I also know the basics of lots of other programming languages. I sometimes release projects (usually requests from people I know) on GitHub. Besides programming I like to play rhythm games such as Arcaea, Project Sekai, Chunithm and osu! as well as playing story driven games like Arknights, Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact.

Where to find me

GitHub GitLab Private GitLab Instance LinkedIn email Discord: Roan#5667 osu! MyAnimeList

Featured Projects

These are some of my favourite publicly released projects, for a list of all my public projects, please check the projects page.

KeysPerSecond Download Count Latest Release

A keys-per-second meter & counter. Written for osu! but should work for other rhythm games too.

Convex Merger Download Count Latest Release

An area maximisation game based on the idea of merging convex shapes.

Image Scaler Download Count Latest Release

Simple but powerful batch image rescaler.

Fringe Remover Download Count Latest Release

Fringe removal tool for osu! skinning use.

Picross Download Count Latest Release

Picross (nonogram) puzzle program.

osu! Skin Checker Download Count Latest Release

Simple program to check for missing files in an osu! skin.